So I was blessed to not have to work while my little guy was waitlisted for daycare (which is in drastically short supply under 2). When he went to school I was able to get hired with a former employer…. which was amazing considering I am pregnant!!

Fast forward a few months… I cannot wait to be off work. I feel like i cannot be a complete person in anything i do. Be it work, mom, wife, runner of the household. Having it all means things get sacrificed, and this week it feels like everything is losing out. I’ve had doctor appointments this week, so already not a full work day. Then my youngest is sick, but i cannot fully be there to comfort him or take care of him. I have to schedule more appointments but doing so means other things get cut… which makes me feel guilty both for those tasks being cut and because i know these appointments are to keep my baby healthy, so I should be ready and willing to attend. All around, just feel like I can’t be successful in anything right now.

I know moms do it. I know you CAN have it all. I’ve done it. But right now, with my baby crying and simply wanting me to rub his back while he lays in the couch; it sure feels like an impossible dream.

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