Yesterday my 3 year old told me he didn’t want my help going potty.  Which, yes, is amazing and praise the Lord. But.. seeing him push his little step stool around to go potty, turn on the water, get soap, and turn off the water… made a little part of my heart sad.  It was one of many steps on his road to independence.  One step closer to him not wanting a hug before school, or to be tucked in at night.  I look at my timehop on Facebook or Google photos and see his chubby little face smiling at me and it seems like it was just last week he was completely reliant on me for literally everything!! So, as I watch him journey a little farther down the road to independence each day, I’m going to savor every moment I can where he DOES need my help. Be it tying his shoes, or a sleepy request to be carried downstairs in the morning – even if I’m only half awake myself.  Because I know that soon I won’t get those requests.. and only have timehop memories to remind me how quick it really all does go by… 

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